Buff & Hensman

B&H 1


West View

South View

North View

Another View

B&H 1 After Fire

B&H 2



Here's the Kitchen. I used cork for the floors
because I could drop dishes and they wouldn't break... 
it felt good, sounded good and looked good. It took a 
long time to make and finish the teak cabinets. I 
chose spruce for the ceilings because it is the same 
as a good Martin acoustic guitar and would influence 
the sound... I recorded some in the house. The berries 
are from my garden... planted on the fence row leading 
to the mail box so I could see, pick and eat the ripe 
ones each day. Yellow flowers are Scotch Broom a 

Master Bedroom

From the goat house looking at the 2 buildings... 
in 1985 before all the plants grew... notice the native 
California poppys in the cobblestones. The pool solar 
panels were lowered.
South View

Here's the Conversation area... 3 couches that double as 
beds and lift up for storage. The 7 foot teak and 
ebony table that I made for the center had already 
been taken out. It will show up in the Van Dyke 
house pictures. The media center is on the opposite 
wall... you can see it from the balcony photo next.
Conversation Area

From the Home Magazine section of the Los Angeles Times March 10, 1985

I just noticed that the house which I built, and rebuilt after 
being completely burned in the 1978 fire is up for 
sale again. As you can see, I built a non flammable 
house. The realtors wrote this copy obviously....
and Malibu dollars bear no resemblance to the regular 
US dollar. I used the 'huge pasture' for my goats. 
The 'separate one bedroom guest house' is the old 
goat house... (not pictured)

The original house was the building on the right 
made of clear heart redwood. When I rebuilt I added 
the 2 bedroom wing connected by a bridge. Above the 
bridge, on the second story is one of those large 
French doors like the ones that you can see. 
One year I had a crow pecking the glass each day 
for an hour or so... I don't know why... but I 
didn't let it bother me... I was interested. The 
bird eventually went away. Perhaps it could see its 
reflection and thought that it was having a 
competition. From the Home Magazine section of the 
Los Angeles Times March 10, 1985


B&H 3

This was taken from the kitchen looking the other way over the 7 foot teak and ebony table to the living room fireplace area. The master bedroom is behind the hearth wall.
Living Room / Dining Room

Here is the interior of the Third home that I built. I'm 
starting with the interior because it has the 7 foot round 
teak and ebony table that I made for the First house... 
which was rolled out while the place was burning...moved 
out of the Second house just before the Home Magazine 
photos were taken (I'd just sold the place to pay my 
ex-wife) and was the beginning of the Third, the Van Dyke 

I sat with my architect, Conrad Buff, with a big blank 
sheet of paper. Without saying anything he drew a circle. 
I asked, What's that? To which Conrad replied, You 
still have your table don't you? and I said. Yes!

I'd been burned out of the First, lost the Second in 
the property settlement and was starting again with just 
raw land and a table. Through all 3 homes, and 
conditions, the table had survived... and so had I. 

So the Third home began with the big teak and ebony 
table... and we drew the rest around it.

OK, I found an exterior shot of the third home I built. Here's what you see when you come up the 700 foot driveway to the rear of the house.