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Basic text of Randy Nauert's speech inducting cartoonist and illustrator Rick Griffin into the Surfing Walk of Fame in Huntington Beach (Surf City) at the US Open. Randy taught Rick to surf in 1957 and collaborated on all of Rick's early work and the two were best friends through out their lives. Rick died in a motorcycle accident in 1991. Randy was a founding member of The Challengers Band and released the first album of surf music in 1962, Surfbeat.
The award consisted of:

1) From the US Congress, a Certificate of Congressional Recognition  for his contribution to Surfing Culture
2) California State Assembly Certificate of Recognition for his contribution to Surfing Culture
3) An etched granite stone placed in the Surfing Walk of Fame at the corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Main Street.
4) A beautiful etched crystal trophy recognizing the induction.

Surfing Walk of Fame

"Every important movement has had its spokesmen, -documentarians -and visionaries.
-The British invasion had its Beatles... and their haircuts.
-The Love generation had its beads... San Francisco Music groups... and grooming/lifestyle.
-Punks had the "Sex Pistols". Before all of this was surfing... and Rick Griffin was ours.

With the publishing of Rick's Illustrated Surfer's Dictionary, that I worked on, -in 1958, Rick illustrated and defined the terms of a culture that would permeate the greater society. Without them you wouldn't be doing fun things like 'surfing the web''d be transferring files and writing HTML.

With the publishing of Rick's character Murphy -the dreams,
-fantasies... -spirit of adventure and discovery, that defined our
-lifestyle, -became a unifying center that we could use -to communicate
-a common dream-... and share it with others...
-surfing spread over the entire planet.-

Once surfing had been well established, Rick and I went to San Francisco
-and he became a central spokesperson for that whole new movement...
-doing -posters for bands,
-the logo for Rolling Stone Magazine,
-album covers for the Grateful Dead
-and contributing to the rich burst of Underground Comics like Zap!

We're here today to pay tribute to Rick Griffin, for what he did to bring fun and adventure into our lives,
-the rich legacy which he left us-
-and for his contribution to our culture."

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Photo Credits:
Les Walker/SURFING Magazine

Pictured are long time Malibu residents:
Randy Nauert [male]
Sierra Nyokka, [left]
Cari Sterling [right]